Version 3.7.0 Build 8: Windows 8 & Office 2013

We’ve decided to release a minor update to support Windows 8 and Office 2013 before a brand new major version of Copernic Desktop Search Version. In addition, it brings lots of bug fixes which will be detailed in the fixes below.

The new version 3.7 is now available for download via our Download page.

For CDS Home users, please go to the Download page to get the update.

For CDS Professional users, open CDS and click on Tools – Check for software updates.

For CDS Corporate users, go to the Copernic Support page and click on Download my software again.

Here are the improvements:

  • Indexing of Microsoft Office 2013 is now supported.
  • Full compatibility with Windows 8.
  • Fixed indexing of Firefox 4 up to 18.*
  • Fixed indexing issue with e-mail inline attachment.
  • Fixed indexing issue with PDF format.
  • Fixed indexing issue with JPEG format.
  • *Copernic Desktop Search can now index the most up-to-date version of Firefox.

    As we always want to move forward and improve our products, feel free to use the Copernic Support to send us your suggestions. We always take your comments and support requests seriously to build on these for our future releases.

    -Your Copernic Team

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    Windows 8 and Office 2013

    Many users are asking us: Are you compatible with Windows 8 and Office 2013?

    As for Windows 8, the development team is currently working testing to check the compatibility between Copernic Desktop Search and Windows 8. We will keep you posted as soon as CDS has passed the Windows 8 compatibly certification.

    As for Office 2013, with its release due in early 2013, we are aware of some current compatibility issues especially with Outlook 2013 and Copernic Desktop Search. We are already working on correcting these issues and you can expect them to be corrected as soon as Microsoft officially releases Office 2013.

    Sorry for the inconveniences it may cause.

    -Your Copernic Team

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