Search Google Drive using a desktop search

As you may know, Google Desktop has been discontinued for a few years now as Google focuses on web apps. While most business people continue working with desktop computers, they need a strong search engine to find their local files & emails. Sometimes, they have stored files inside a Google Drive directory to show a client or bring home to work. Most people will forget that they’ve put a file there and try searching for it when coming back to the office.

With Copernic Desktop Search, it is possible to eliminate this problem if you install Google Drive directly on your computer. Once installed, simply tell Copernic Desktop Search to index it and you will be able to find that file again.

Many people use Google Drive or Dropbox and Windows Desktop Search default search engine does not allow you to search inside those folders. The full version of Copernic Desktop Search allows you to add any type of folder as long as it is mapped or shared.

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Search inside Dropbox files

Did you know that you can search your Dropbox files with Copernic Desktop Search?

A lot of us use it to store files, documents and PDFs, but it is always hard to find anything inside your Dropbox if you do not keep it organized. That’s when Copernic Desktop Search comes in. The full version allows you to search inside your Dropbox folder.

After you have downloaded Copernic Desktop Search.

Simply, install Dropbox on your computer.









Then, Open Copernic Desktop Search. Go into the menu, select Tools – Options – Files. Click Add and select your Dropbox folder.

Launch the indexation and you will be able to search your Dropbox folder.

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Using AND or OR operators to search Outlook

Many users ask us: Is there a way I can search using AND and OR operators to search Microsoft Outlook?

Using Copernic Desktop Search, you can build complex query to search emails inside Microsoft Outlook.

The AND operator: Finds emails that contains all of the specified words.
Exemple: business AND meeting.
Copernic Desktop Search will find documents that contains both “business” and “meeting”.

The OR operator: Finds emails that contains at least one of the specified words.
Exemple: meeting OR appointement.
Copernic Desktop Search will find documents that include either one of the two terms or both.


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Desktop Search for your company

Today, we are pleased to announce a new section on our website. We are now offering an Entreprise section to

Copernic Desktop Search has been beneficial to over 4,000,000 users and the business world can now also benefit from it.

According to International Data Corporation, their survey reveals that information worker, you, spend most of their time performing document-related activity. Here are some interesting facts on how workers spend their time:

  • 5 hours/week searching for documents.
  • 2.3 hours/week searching for, but not finding documents

That’s at least 2.3 hours of hours wasted per week for having not the appropriate tools. According to their studies, time wasted in document creation and management activities costs the organization $ 9,071 per information worker per week. That’s a lot in a year when you can install a tool, such as Copernic Desktop Search, for the price of $ 64.90 USD per license. The Return on Investment calculation is easily made.

You can chat with our Product Specialist if you have any questions.


Desktop Search for your company

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End of Support for Copernic Agent

After many years, support for Copernic Agent ended on January 31st 2014. The various engines behind Copernic Agent are no longer updated or fixed.

Since September 30th 2014, all versions of Copernic Agent are no longer available for download or purchase. Copernic no longer supports, updates or provide technical support for Copernic Agent.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us directly.

Thanks again to all of our users.

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Early Access Updates Program

Get your updates before everybody else.

What is the Early Access Updates Program?
The EAUP allows you to get the updates and fixes before everybody else. These updates are still in testing mode but they are stable versions. It allows us to get feedback on future issues before it is released to all users. Copernic Desktop Search is, therefore, more stable when an official release is available.

How do I sign up?
Very easy. Inside the software, in the menu, go to Tools – Options – Advanced. Under Others, you can check the box next to “Join the Early Access Updates Program”. You no longer want to receive them, simply uncheck the box.

How does it work?
Once we release an early access update, you will be prompt inside the software to install the update. It is entirely up to you if you want to test it or not.

How can I send more feedback?
We always like your feedback about Copernic Desktop Search. Simply go to Help – Give us Feedback and enter the information along with your Log files.

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How do I search for a file on my computer?

To search for files on your computer using Copernic Desktop Search, press CTRL twice and the interface will pop-up.

copernic desktop search interface

In the interface that opens up, you will see the search bar at the top, and the search results window in the top part of the screen with a preview pane at the bottom. You can start typing any keywords in the search bar and search results will start to appear. If you know the type of file you are searching for, then use the Files Tab to refine your search. You can even refine even more using the File Type criteria inside the Files Tab. Then, you can browse the search results and preview them without having to open the native application.

copernic desktop search file search

By selecting a file in the search result list, you will automatically see a preview in the preview pane. You can enter a new keyword to find it in that specific file with the “Find” feature.

copernic desktop search find

Looking for a file on a network drive or external hard drive, you will need the full version. Also, you need to add the source you are looking for in the Copernic Desktop Search configuration. You need to go to Tools > Options > Files. Click “Add” and select your external source. From now on, its content will be indexed by Copernic Deskotp Search including subfolders.

copernic desktop search file

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Search Lotus Notes Email

Searching in Lotus Notes can be quite a task when you do not have the proper tool. Most Notes users will have one mail file with multiple mail archives. When they try to search, they need to know roughly where the results are. That means opening each mail file and searching it individually. You can search for items in Lotus Notes using 4 ways:

  • You can hit Ctrl-F or press the binocular icon at the top of the screen.
  • Also, you can click on the Magnifying glass icon or click on View – Search this view depending on your version of Lotus Notes.
  • Another method is to select a view is sorted by the column you wish to search and start typing. A box will pop-up to capture the letters and when you hit enter, you will jump to the first line beginning with those letters. (not the most efficient way to search)
  • Finally, you can download Copernic Desktop Search that has been built to search Lotus Notes Emails & Contacts. It will search in the email title and content.

Instead of complaining about the poor results the native Lotus Notes search capability gives you, give Copernic Desktop Search a try. It is free to use and your Corporate IT will love it as it is very resource efficient.

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Windows Search using Copernic

How to use Copernic to replace Windows Search?

Open Copernic and start typing in the main Search box, and you’ll instantly see a list of relevant files in the search results pane. Windows Search only allows you to search on folder at-a-time, not Copernic. Search everywhere by typing the name of the file or any keyword that may be found in the file content. You can even refine your search using multiple refine criteria to get even more relevant results. Your search keyword are highlighted to make it easier to scan the list.

Windows Search, formerly known as Windows Desktop Search (WDS), can help you find only your files. With Copernic, you can search any type of files- documents, files, emails, attachments, music, images, videos – no matter where they are located on your computer and all under one interface compared to Windows Search.

With a very intuitive interface, Copernic distinguish itself from Windows Explorer which primary task is to facilitate the navigation through your files. Copernic helps you find your files faster and become more productive.

Copernic Desktop Search Lite is offered for free with a limit of 75,000 files.

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Update on Heartbleed

Dear users,

Copernic wanted to update you regarding the Heartbleed OpenSSL bug. Given its potential impact, we wanted to ensure you understood potential implications.

The Heartbleed issue is a vulnerability that exposes secure information by exploiting a programming bug in the OpenSSL library that makes the remote process (web server, for instance) leak a random block of memory.

Copernic uses mainly Share-it, from Digital River and Avangate as its e-commerce solutions. The main platform we use, Share-it, does not use OpenSSL. On the other hand, Avangate does and they have issued a statement on their blog: Securtiy Update on Heartbleed.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Kind regards,

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Technical Support Holiday Schedule

Copernic’s Technical Support will be closed Tuesday December 24th through Thursday December 26th for Christmas and Tuesday December 31st through Thursday January 2nd for New Years.

We want to remind everyone that during the Holiday Season, the Technical Support response time may vary but there might be some delays.

Rest assured that all support tickets will be answered as quickly as possible and we thank everyone for their patience.

Happy Holidays!

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CDS 4 – Validation issues

Many of you are encountering a validation error when entering your serial in version 4. Here are some details:

  • For version 4, the format of our serial numbers has changed. It is now composed of letters & numbers only and it send to you in the following format (xxx-xxx…)
  • When trying to validate your serial number, you may encounter an unknown error. Please try again later, we are experiencing unusual load and are working to improve our services.
  • If you are behind a Proxy or in a corporate environment, you probably won’t be able to activate the new version. Corporate features will be implemented in a future update, around the end of 2013.

If you experience any issues, please contact us using the Support page.

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How do you search your emails?

Searching your email messages can be quite hard especially that most of us have work email, a personal email and most often a “junk email. How do you go search through thousands of emails messages stored in multiple places?

Most people will go from one email address to the other and launching the same request in both accounts. By adding your accounts to a supported email software such as Thunderbird or Outlook and by installing Copernic Desktop Search, you can search all your emails and their attachments in one place. Find years of emails instantly with the possibility to refine your search using various fields such as Date, From, To, Subject, Folder and many more.

Starts finding the emails you are looking for and stop loosing time searching all over the place.

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How to search inside pdf files?

Many documents now come in the Adobe PDF file format. Those documents can contain multiple pages and opening one at-a-time is a very long task, a very unproductive task!

How can you search inside pdf files in Windows 7 & 8? How do you search without having to open every single file you might want to look at?

Well, Copernic Desktop Search has been doing it for years. Simply type in your keywords and all PDF files containing the keyword will come up. It will even show you a preview of where the keyword is located in the pdf file. You don’t even have to open the file unless you are sure this is the document you want.

Stay productive with Copernic Desktop Search!

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Tired of filing?

Right now the average computer user spends as much time filing a document as finding a document. With the daily march of information,
the time compounds every day.The volume, file types and new applications will continue to increase.

In order to make best use of personal time and to increase your own productivity, the ever-present task of filing and finding needs to be
eliminated.What if you never had to actively file again? What if your desktop had an electronic filing cabinet that was quite simply, always on? And didn’t need you to be paying attention to what needs to be filed, and where it needs to be filed.

Let us do the filing and finding! You do the rest. Download Copernic Desktop Search.

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